Friday, June 23, 2006

A humble question from my buddy :)

Last night, I've got a kind of thoughtfull question sms from one of my best buddy. He asked me "Do you have any bad attitude that make you frightened of it?"
I was thinking for a while, then I replied him, "Yup, I do have bad attitudes but instead of being afraid of them, I choose to fight them by learn to handle them with people's help also."

This thoughtfull question makes me contemplate. I believe we all have at least one bad attitude. or worstly, that attitude is the embarassing one that really make us frightened of it. For me, it's better to admit and learn to minimalize it rather than just stuck in that situation, being afraid of it or deny it.

Life is fortified by love and friendship. People who really cares and love us will accepting us just the way we are. They could help us also to deal with that bad attitude....

But if there's nothing we can do to change it, how about just accept that as one of our weaknesses. Nobody's perfect, right? And if you're afraid for having that bad attitude that's really okay. That's indicating that we're indeed only ordinary people.

This writing dedicated for my best buddy who gave me the humble thoughtfull question. Thank you and love u, buddy ^0^
U know what, somehow with your questions, stories, & worries that you share to me, u make me a better person. Again, thank u for being u and always u ^0^