Thursday, November 22, 2012

Live A Happier Life

Not a few people who often ask and even wondering to themselves, what is the meaning of life, "how can I find happiness?" or "how do I live a happy life?"  Whew...It sounds deep contemplation questions, doesn't it?

Well, I don't have such a meticulous formula to answer such those rhetorical questions anyway, but if you allow me to give you some wisdom thoughts to contemplate to make you live a happier life, so here they are

Next time you wake up, instead of dreading the day ahead, rise and shine and expect something wonderful to happen today!

When you go outside and it's raining, feel the rain or wind on your face, don’t hide from it. Isn’t it refreshing? :)

Smile at everyone you meet. It is a fact that people tend to respond to the look you are wearing on your own face.

Wiggle your toes if you are bored. Be happy that you have toes to wiggle!

Be polite, and say please and thank you!

When you’re eating, really slow down and enjoy every bite of what you’re eating!
It’s really good…..and even if you don’t like it, isn’t it great that you have food?

Never underestimate yourself! You’re always growing and learning. Just because you didn’t succeed at something in the past, doesn’t mean you can’t get it right this time around!

Stop complaining about your life! Never take for granted all the joys and freedoms you have. Remember those who have less…Be grateful and be thankful to God for all the loved ones and all the things you've been blessed for

Be Grateful....Be Happy

Tell everyone who is important to you how you feel about them! You don’t ever want to spend your days regretting things you never told to them, do you?

And last but never least, remember that life is about love. Give love when you can, and it will be given to you…

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The previous post of this article was posted in this blog on September 2006, I revise it and republish it again 6 years after that in this November 2012 :)


benx said...

mm, kesimpulannya jangan suka membantah nasehat orang tua ya?

amrisyukur said...

its good advice to everybody who will make their life more life and be ethernet happier