Friday, June 20, 2008

The Cake of Everlasting Friendship :-)


Howdy dear friends?
Hope you all always in the marvelous condition :)
How's your day? :)
No matter where you are now, I hope our friendship will growing stronger and stronger for the rest of our lives.
Well, in order to fulfil that, I'd love to share you the receipt of my delicious cake. Its called "The Cake of Everlasting Friendship"
Hmm, it's Yummy you know. Check the receipt out, okidoki :)

Ingredients :

* Two (or more) human beings of any size, shape or colour
* A large bowl (filled to the brim) of love
* A generous pinch of forgiveness
* A large dollop of understanding
* A bowlful of trust and loyalty
* A ladle of hope
* Two full cups of laughter
* A large dose of fun
* A bag of smiles
* A whole heap of sharing and caring
* Praise – whenever truly deserved
* As much support as needed to help the cake rise
* A large rounded spoonful of encouragement

Method :

1. Put all the ingredients in the bowl. The order in which you add these ingredients does not matter.

2. Stir the ingredients by hand the old-fashioned way. Take as long as you like. Speed is not important. The longer you stir the mixture, the more flavour it will have.

3. From time to time, taste the batter a little and savour the flavour. If you feel that your mixture is lacking in any ingredient, add a generous portion of it immediately.

4. Remember to stir gently. Do not beat your mixture violently, as this could cause the whole cake to fall flat.

5. If you get tired, take a little break to regain your energy, then get back to the task. Never give up until your mixture is absolutely smooth.

6. Pour the mixture into a giant cake tin and pop it into a huge pre-warmed oven.

7. Bake in a warm, slow oven for as long as you need to. From time to time, check your cake.

8. When it is baked to perfection, turn it out on a cake rack

9. Wait for the cake to cool. Then, decorate it with festive icing.

10. This cake can keep for a long, long time. In fact, for a lifetime!

Serving suggestion
Serve on a pretty cake plate. This cake can be enjoyed at all times. Remember to savour every mouthful. It is not often you get to eat a slice of everlasting friendship cake!

NOTE : this cake of everlasting friendship has a quality unlike any ordinary cake. It will last forever if properly looked after. Keep it in a special place and check on it regularly. Give it time and attention even when you are busy with other things. Neglect it at your peril. It might grow old and mouldy if you do. Share it regularly with the special people in your life.

Some people are known to use the following ingredients when making friendship cakes, but these are sure to spoil your mixture. We strongly advise you to leave them out altogether.

* Envy
* Greed
* Gossip
* Bad temper
* Anger

Well, it's strongly recommended that you try this receipt, buddies! :)
Later on,let me know how does your cake's taste, okidoki :)

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